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In the center of Parga will find your stay the complex Villa Ira. Here you will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay in a quiet environment. The quality of our services is high and your stay here will be unforgettable. Located in a quiet, restful place, the exterior surrounded with fragrant flowers. A modern house built with style and design of the owner. of Parga. The friendly environment, the villa ira do you recommend it unreservedly for the peaceful and beautiful holiday. In the garden, even the exterior is lined with stone, thereby giving residents a unique beauty.

The company operates Villa Ira from 1996 to the town center. It is a family business that operates under the care of Mrs. Popi. The beach (Kryoneri) is only 10 minutes walk (approximately 450 meters) and within 6-7 minutes to reach the promenade of Parga with various choices of restaurants, bars and cafes

The complex Villa Ira has 10 fully equipped Studios . Studios are 6 doubles and 4 triples. All rooms have a private veranda or balcony with awning. The equipment of studios includes: television, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, coffee maker, microwave, bathroom with shower, hair dryer, central heating, solar hot water, communal barbecue area, WIFI, safe for valuable your items, dining. Due to the location of the complex in the town center next to you all the shops in the city. Here you will find many taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy fine meals of traditional Greek cuisine.

It is worth to mention the owners of Lord Constantine and Mrs. Poppy is at your disposal 24 hours 24 hours a day, people are friendly and willing to cater to that demand, but also give you information that you need to experience the true beauty of Parga of.

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Parga Beaches

 Parga Beaches
Within the Municipality of Parga and there are many different beaches and bays. Older times served as harbors or anchorages for navigation and helped make the mall was. Today they have contributed significantly to the development of the city and the region as a tourist destination
Almost all the beaches of Parga are organized and offer the opportunity for many water sports, the most famous beaches of Parga is the Swamp, Krioneri, Lamp, Sarakiniko and Ai Giannakis.
Specifically within the town of Parga is Krioneri facing the Island of Virgin. Adjacent to the east is the Back Kryoneri also a small beach in the village of Parga is surrounded by tall cliffs.
To the west lies the Parga's perhaps most famous beach the Swamp.
In East 3 km outside the town is the beach Lichnos, which has two small sea caves The beach is sandy, but has points with gravel, and is considered one of the most beautiful in Parga
About 6 km east of the village of Parga next to St. Sunday's Ai Giannakis.
Finally, six kilometers to the west of the village near Parga's beach Agia Sarakiniko.
During your stay in beautiful Parga, you will have the opportunity to visit many of the area attractions, such as:
• The Venetian castle of Parga, on the hill above the town, with wonderful views over the town, the beach and the Swamp Ionian Sea
• The sources of the Acheron River, with particular ecological and naturalistic interest
• The Oracle, Oracle of the 5th century BC
• The archaeological site of Nicopolis, and the namesake museum in a beautiful landscape near the town of Preveza
• The beautiful island of Corfu, with its many attractions: One of the most beautiful Greek islands in the northern Ionian Sea, near Parga
• Paxos and Anti Paxos, picturesque islands of the Ionian Sea across from Parga, where you can go directly online from Parga
• The ancient Dodona, the cradle of ancient Greek civilization, near Ioannina and nearby Zagoria.
• The city of Ioannina, the capital of Epirus and many others that you will discover during your visit.
Parga will be able to deal with various interesting activities: Water sports - Mountain bike - Diving - Rafting and Trekking River Acheron - and much more.
Acheron River
The river Acheron definitely worth a visit, since he carries the myths and legends of a long story.
The only certainty is that dark charm will entice you to explore.
The river because of the paramount importance of environmental receives thousands of visitors each year and has been included in the Natura 2000 network and is leading Ecotouristic destination.
The name comes from the ancient Greek word "tumult" which means sorrow, that sorrow of death.
In ancient times it was believed that Acheron is the river, the crossing of which made Hermes, carrying the souls of the dead from one side to the other and into the arms of Death.
Every soul had to pay an obol for routing, while Menippos said that was the only one who did not pay.
End according to tradition, the waters of this river are bitter because of a monster said to have lived in the sources, poisoning it.

Castel of Parga

Castle of Parga
Before you build the strong castle of Parga survived until today, the inhabitants of Parga tried to kept fortified town, which was exposed to the sea, so they can face the Raiders. In their effort had built the first fortifications and with the help of the Normans. In 1452 occupied the fortified position Hadji Bey but in 1454 the re-conquer the inhabitants. Barbarossa in 1537 demolished the existing fort and city.
The castle is constructed anew with the help of the Venetians, but before demolished again by the Turks. The Venetians built in 1792 for the third and last time as possible a perfect fortress remains impregnable until 1819, despite the attacks mainly of Ali Pasha of Ioannina high from the castle of Agia - Anthousas the siege.
In the castle of Parga, which can be reached through narrow streets and steps from the port of Parga and there paved road leading to the beach marsh ...
Today the castle is illuminated and able the public to visit. In the central area have been rebuilt two central buildings theatrical exhibitions and crowds. Castle works in cafe cafeteria, exhibition hall which houses a photography exhibition.
The castle is open to visitors from early morning until late

Parga -The Parginos

 Parga, one of the most cosmopolitan and picturesque destinations in northwestern Greece attracts each year thousands of visitors from around the world during the summer.
The city, apart from the Venetian castle is famous for the little church on the island of Virgin.
With picturesque cobblestone, shops, restaurants and bars is more like an island than to the mainland site.
Despite its modern infrastructure, Parga has kept the tradition intact. The architecture of the houses with colorful facades is obviously affected by Italy, and the castle at the top of the hill takes visitors to another time and gives the city a nostalgic breath.
It is worth noting that the sea in this area is part of the network Natura, mainly because of the diversity of plankton hosts.
The Parginos (Canaries) Each year during the summer period there in the Municipality of Parga a series of cultural events, "Parga", including theatrical performances, musical evenings, painting photography, etc. and appeal to people of all ages.
The highlight of the event, the "Canary" are twofold Parga, religious and historical. The evening of August 14 is folk festival on the island of Virgin Mary, located in front of the harbor of Parga, where people enjoy a local band and transported there by boat - boats.
On the day of the Virgin Mary (15 August) crowds gathered at the harbor to watch the "barcarolle" and be entertained by the orchestra area.
The "barcarolle" represents the return of Pargians and Sacred Relics in their homeland, after nearly a century emigration started in 1817, in connection with the sale of Parga by the English Ali Pasha. Immediately after the celebration ends with fireworks, smoke and lights create a spectacular atmosphere.
Infrastructures: Parga has a health center, banks (domestic, commercial, agricultural), port terminal, fire station, police station, two dentists, two pharmacies, three clinics, pediatrician etc. dozens of stores to buy whatever you want, travel agencies for tours Your nearby islands of Corfu, Paxos and Lefkada and rentals of vehicles and boats, cafes, snack bars, restaurants with variety of food at affordable prices The most important is that it is in the center of the coast of Epirus and from here u can visit the beaches from Lefkada - Preveza to Igoumenitsa and Sagada.

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